Sharpen your Improvement Strategy and enhance your competitive advantage

World Class OperationsThe process improvement within our business is a critical factor for all type of organization. It is been always important but nowadays when we encounter fierce competition in the market and evolved customers with higher demands and standards in terms of service quality and operations flexibility and agility it has become strategic.

The process improvement is not as simple as start checking for mistakes everywhere. Having a look on resources and aiming to accelerate results for the customer and ultimately our bottom line, higher administration must define priorities. Such priorities come from market and company requirements context. For instance, a food-processing company: are hygienic standards and procedures state-of-art and followed up accordingly?, how is the optimum process for new product introduction pipeline to cope with customers demands and competition attacks?. Similarly, for an internet logistic service: are delivery processes on state of the art? Do the cope with cost-effective requirements on the transfer cost?. In order to define priorities we must first analyze and define what my “order-winners” are and which ones my “order-qualifiers”. The latter will give us the focus on improvement according to our gaps. For instance, within a commodity industry an order winner could be the product cost (how efficient is my supply chain). On the other hand, for a technology industry like the mobile industry and order winner could be defined as the innovations attached to the new product model, thus the new product introduction process or its time to market must be at its best given the market rapid changes.

Once we define our order winners and qualifiers next step is to review what are our processes attached to prioritize their improvement, guarantee a competitive advantage and finally what would be its state of the art or world class level. Once we define our strategic group of improvement required Value-Stream-Mapping is next to describe actual process and allow improvement definition. For this matter, Monte Carlo consulting expertise could represent an asset for your medium and long term business strategy, where we can work shoulder to shoulder developing the improvement and deploying best practices in your organization reflected on the business bottom line. Allow us to help you and enable you to walk steadily to top rank in your industry.

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