Roadmap to World Class Organization

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What is a World Class Business? Do we consider any player for World Class or is it a league only for Multinationals? What elements should we consider in order to say that our Organisation is World Class? Is your Business in fact World Class? As a matter of fact, there are entities that evaluate and define who is a World Class Business, e.g Forbes, Fitch, Moodys, Standard&Poors and others. What do they define as World Class Business? Simply stated: organizations that on any given metric they are on the top 5% performers. Similarly, organizations in the 5% league distinguish themselves to have high performance, high commitment and continuous learning teams and such teams are those who have a clear vision, ability, discipline and good leadership. Thus, anyone can aspire regardless of the business size which in turns bring more business.

during the final round of the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship at Trump National Doral Blue Monster Course on March 8, 2015 in Doral, Florida.Last statement involves some definitions; for instance, what metrics are you going to refer to? Who is the benchmark on those metrics or actually stand on the top 5%? Who is on the 5% league in my industry? Is it only about metrics or is it also about busines attribiutes or expectations? Where are we right now? Is our team prepared? What are the benefits of achieving world class? Finally and most importantly: HOW are we going to achieve world class? Or at least, how do we place ourselves on the  path towards World Class?

Strategic-PlanningMoving an organization towards world class involve not only business benefits in terms of cost of operation or kpi’s improvement but also employees abilities and community expectations. We need to see which are our gaps from those stakeholders points of views, actual and required future state and how to close them up, what actions or strategy in the following years to take. Most importantly, what are the team behaviours involved which are going to take us to the state of the art scenario and how are we going to shape out our business in terms of structure, information systems, policies, function definition, reward and recognition plan to make it possible and sustainable?

Guidance - SupportAt Monte Carlo consulting we are happy to help you on this journey with the right methodology to answer your questions and make your business transformation possible in terms of Analysis, Definition, Execution and follow-up structure. A workshoop with specific forums, analysis and drills to define the future state based on your strategy, gaps to close, behaviours to tackle or enhance and the roadmaps to follow the strategy  execution and above all the know-how to get it done.

Give us a call, live our World Class Roadmap definition process and unleash your business potential.



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